Vacation, booking your travel

Have you have decided to go on vacation? Let me share a few tips with you to make it more affordable.

When to order? If you know when you are going to travel, and its a few months ahead don’t wait around. You often get good deals when you order in advance. The reverse is also true tough. When your order a last minute flight you can get huge discounts.

Ordering last minute might not be optimal because you’re not guaranteed to get the desired trip or accommodations. You should also think about the prices presented to you. I said that you can get a huge discount ordering early but once in a while that’s not true. If you think the trip is expensive at the moment don’t be afraid to wait around for a better deal.

If you happen to be flexible on the day you want to go, know that you can save allot on your airplane ticket by finding the right day to order. Weekdays tend to be far cheaper than weekends (Fridays are usually most expensive, Sundays can be cheap). Allot of locations are also seasonally priced. Traveling off season is often a good way to save some extra cash on your adventure.
Booking TravelBooking a direct flight might be the most comfy thing but not necessarily the cheapest. Look at prices with a connection instead of a direct flight, and you might find it to be cheaper. And if your flight already is a non direct flight you might wane check other stopover locations for better prices.

There are many online travel agencies that will help you find the cheapest alternatives, our recommendation is Kiwi for flights.
For hotels you can check out

So you did all this and bought your flight, are you done? Maybe, but you can also check up the same vacation at a later date. When you look up your booking again you might find it to be cheaper than when you placed the order. That’s when you contact the seller and ask for a lower price. It might not always work, but it’s sure worth a try.

Avoid expensive flight food and go for cheap airlines. I know limited leg space and being hungry isn’t the coolest thing in the world, but it will be over faster than you think. Make sure to bring some music, books or whatever that keeps you entertained during the flight.

Eat a big meal before you get to on the plane. Allot of airplane companies don’t allow you to bring food in the plane, so make sure you eat before you enter. Also the food on the airport itself can be expensive. Preferably make a homemade meal before you embark on your travel.